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Specialty Cleaning  Services

The Magic never ends

Certain cleaning requirements are not routine, but still need some attention every so often. Our specialty cleaning service does just that. 

  • First-Time/One-Time Cleaning: You can request this service yourself if you just want a top to bottom cleaning of your home or office space. For most home/space, this lasts at least 5 hours. To ensure our services always meet our expectation and yours, this service is required as the first cleaning for recurring cleaning packages.

  • Deep Cleaning: Appliances in your kitchen are very essential to creating healthy, loving home and office environment. Touch of Magic Cleaning maids return the favor by ensuring each appliance receive the shine they require. 

  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning: Notice how dirty your apartment or house looks when you are moving out or after moving into a new home or office? Touch of Magic Cleaning knows and are experts in getting the cleaning done right. When we're done, your house, apartment, or facility is fresh for whatever new adventure is ahead. A variant of this service is also available in our commercial cleaning options. 

Touch of Magic Cleaning goes Beyond Cleaning 

So many stuff; Where to put 'em?


We really don't know how much things we have until it's time to pack or unpack them. Each item carry special stories and memories, and at times we all need help with:

  • Placing them where they're supposed to be

  • Knowing which to keep and which to donate or recycle

  • Understand which items make sense in your current environment

  • Finally, cleaning the place when it's all said and done


Yeah, I'm sure you know it's a lot of work for one person or even a bunch of family members who may not agree. 

Touch of Magic Cleaning Organizational Cleaning Assistance service is just what you need. Our maids help by being very creative worker bees. You're the chief, but we offer ideas to assist your decisions. Priced hourly, you decide how long you want our maids and will prioritize exactly what you want to accomplish. We show up and assist you with as much as possible within the allotted time.

Bathroom Shelves
Image by Wesley Tingey

Buy your service NOW

For your convenience, we've set EASY-BOOK. Now, you can purchase the services online. Use the code "MORE-TIME" for an additional 10% discount. Click on the cleaning package to further customize your service.

First Time/One-Time Detailed Cleaning
Deep Cleaning (Appliances)
Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning
Organizational Cleaning Assistance