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Residential Cleaning  Services

Touch of Magic Cleaning® for Houses & Apartments

After a long day of work, almost nothing beats entering a clean home. You can breathe the fresh aroma of clean and everything is where you want it to be. This feeling allows you to enjoy the other perks on coming home, family, a good book or movie, and just being you.


Unwinding is made easier after the Touch of Magic Cleaning. Our maids clean according to your ordered services, ensuring your home is ready to receive you. 

To ensure you home cleaning is to our military-like standards, we do a first-time detailed clean. We’ll carefully clean your space from top to bottom, including:

  • Ceiling fans

  • Baseboards

  • Under furniture

  • Mirrors and windows

  • Pictures and other wall art

After this detailed cleaning, based on the frequency of cleaning you selected, your home's open areas are maintain. Just let us know when you want another detailed cleaning. 

Customizable Clean Plan
Selected cleaning package
Frequency of clean
Size of the clean space
One-Time Cleaning Options

This cleaning option is best for ideal for homeowner requiring a one-time or spot cleaning. This package priced by the hour at a fixed rate. You decide how long you need us, within 2 to 8 hours, and the cleaning needs prioritized by you. Our Touch of Magic Cleaning maids will tackle your cleaning for the time specified. 



Touch Up Maintenance
Cleaning Package

Our most basic package with no lose in quality. Best for homeowner who need a quick break from cleaning.

  • Sanitize all bathrooms, kitchen surfaces and appliances

  • Sweep and mop all floors

  • Vacuum any carpeted areas and rugs

  • Make all beds

  • Empty garbage cans/replace liners

  • Dust horizontal surfaces such as counters, tables, and low-reaching ceiling fans

Scheduling Options 

Weekly or Biweekly basis

Premium Maintenance Cleaning Package

Best for homeowners who want thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

  • Touch Up Maintenance Cleaning Package

  • Change all bed linens

  • Load the dish washer and/or

  • Hand-washing dishes in the sink

  • Spot cleaning visible surfaces, doors, trimworks, baseboards, interior windows, and cabinet/drawers

Scheduling Options 

Weekly, Biweekly basis, monthly basis

Rotating Maintenance Cleaning Package

Recommended for homeowners who do not require detailed cleaning on a regular basis but still wanted professional , high quality cleaning once a week or every other week.


  • Alternate between Touch Up Maintenance Cleaning Package AND Premium Maintenance Cleaning Package


**At least one Premium service each month**

Scheduling Options 

Weekly, Biweekly basis

(Not once a month)

No house too big, No space too large...
Modern Apartment
Modern Housing Complex
Magical Clean for Tight Spaces

No how small you space is, it is still your home. And even small space can collect dirt, germs, and other harmful particles. That's why Touch of Magic Cleaning does not take it easy in cleaning even small homes or apartments, rentals, or condo. Our maids use time-test processes forged by experience to ensure you home, not matter the size, is inviting and feel magical. 

We got you! 

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One-Time Cleaning Option
Touch Up Maintenance Cleaning Package
Premium Maintenance Cleaning Package