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At Touch of Magic Cleaning, we recognize you have a lot of choices in cleaning services with even lower prices. But you chose us because of or professionalism and exemplar, first-class service. Thank you.  
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You believe in the first-class service we offer and you want to stick with us on six-months term basis. Great! This discount is a way we say "Thank you!"

10% Discount off your full term service order

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The force that binds you could now save your money. This renewable six months discount plan rewards you for creating wholesome communities. 

15% Discount off your full term of any service order

**Two supporting/proof of group of at least 8 members. 

Bible discussion group


Touch of Magic Cleaning appreciates the sacrifice you make or made to our country. We'll do our part to show we don't your sacrifice for granted. This discount is applied on a three-cleaning cycle. 


10% Discount off the first two cleaning service period. 15% Discount off the third cleaning service period.  (10,10, 15)

**Identification required on file to apply and lock discount.**

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School is already stressful as it is. No need to add cleaning to the stress. We'll work the magic for you and save you some money in the process. 


5% Discount off any service

**Student identification required and copy of unofficial transcript with current courses**

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CONTACT US TODAY via email to receive your discount details. 

Breath in the magic of a clean space

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